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  1. Not reviewing the author guidelines before writing a manuscript for a particular journal.
  2. Not following the author guidelines, for example, an original study may require a structured abstract, whereas a case report may require an unstructured abstract
  3. References need to be cited in the ascending order, and a reference may be repeated once it has been cited.
  4. Reference citation is also specific to a journal; for example, it can be [1] or [1] or (1) or 1
  5. Figures should be of high quality at 300 dpi per square inch, also try to submit them in tiff format. Do not include figures in the word document until specified. The images have to be uploaded separately in the manuscript management system after the upload of word documents.
  6. please refer to the author guidelines; otherwise, just see an old article from the same journal and see how the figure legend is written. A figure legend is also specific to every journal; some journals ask for age etc. These formats do not change with time.
  7. Always hide the identity of the patient and obtain institutional review board permission when applicable.
  8. Please list all the authors at the initial submission, do not ask for an author to be added after the manuscript is submitted- it sounds fishy.
  9. The corresponding author should make sure that all authors included in the study have contributed significantly to the creation of the manuscript. To include a name if they have not contributed significantly is unethical.
  10. When using a table or figure from another publication or even from your prior publication, due credit should be written under the table or figure.
  11. Figures and tables published in open access journals should only be used after their permission.
  12. Avoid plagiarism. Most manuscript systems use plagiarism detection tools.
  13. The grammar and English should be appropriate; use a professional service to help you.
  14. Always submit a cover letter as to why your manuscript is unique and deserves to be published.

If an open access journal charges an article processing fee commonly called APC, do not presume your manuscript will be accepted because you are paying a fee. The manuscript is peer-reviewed and accepted for publication if recommended by the reviewers. The money you pay is to cover the publication expenses as your manuscript is free to all the readers worldwide. For any questions or concerns please write to

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We all know that this virus has caused extreme pain to each and every one on this planet. There are very confusing statements regarding this virus.


  1. Hydroxy chloroquine as touted by many world leaders as panacea of treatment for Corona virus infection is not true. This drug has not been found to be effective in treating the patients with COVID-19. Infect there is increased risk of cardiac rhythm abnormalities and dying from it then the cure.
  2. Remdesivir: This drug has shown some limited use, patients on Remdesivir recovered from Covid infection 3 days before the patients not on Remdesivir. This study was in patients who were admitted in the hospital. Please note this drug is administered Intravenously.
  3. Plasma treatment: Data is not clear.


  1. Vaccine: The only vaccine that has been approved for phase 2 by Federal Drug Administration (USA) trial is developed a company called MODERNA.
  2. There are many companies working to develop a coronavirus vaccine including a company in PUNE, India called SERUM INSTITUTE.


  1. Wearing a mask.
  2. Washing your hand with Soap and Water for at least 30 seconds and it is important to rub your hands little hard while washing, alternatively you can use 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  3. Social Distancing of at least or minimum of 6 feet, preferably 10 feet.
  4. Quarantine of 14 days if you are exposed to a person with COVID-19


We have Molecular and Serological methods to diagnose COVID-19. For details please visit:

If you have questions please write to us:

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Predatory Publication

What is a predatory Journal?

A journal that publishes a Scientific material without peer review for a financial gain. These journals do not follow the established ethical guidelines for academic works. Jeffery Beall a libertarian from Colorado, USA coined this term and you can refer to his list of predatory journals:

How do you spot a Predatory Journal?

These journals have websites that almost resemble well established journals. They usually do not have an Editor in Chief and if listed you will not be able to contact him. Most of the editorial board members are fake. There turnaround times are very short and will be ready to publish anything you submit. Indian express did a wonderful job of investigating the Predatory publishers in India, please read their article: and
Explained: How the pay-and-publish business works:
Indian publishers have been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for 50 million Dollars:

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