About us

Imaging Science Today was founded in 2011 by a group of practicing doctors and industry specialists and from 2017 its scientific journal publishing business was brought under a new umbrella of Scientific Scholar LLC, USA. It is a well-respected medical publisher that fully supports many of the popular open access models and all the aspects of the scientific journal publishing through its peer-review management system- Scientific Scholar and Open Access platform. The headquarter of Scientific Scholar is in Rochester, NY, USA and has a subsidiary arm in India. Scientific Scholar currently publishes prestigious journals like the American Journal of Interventional Radiology, Journal of Clinical Imaging Science and American Journal of Ophthalmic Clinical Trials and is growing in its portfolio. We have developed an advanced manuscript management system – Scientific Scholar, which helps the Editors to handle the complex nature of manuscript management such as technical editing, reviewer management, review of the articles and their publication. The system is intuitive and has a very short learning curve. This manuscript system can be adapted to medical, paramedical and allied subjects. The manuscript management system is online software that can be accessed via the Internet. Manuscript Management software acts as a middle communication base camp where authors of the journal article, editors of the journal and the reviewers of the scientific work can come together and contribute to accomplishing their goals in an efficient and error-free workflow.